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HatColorSoft was founded in 2007 as international software development company for Logistics, Production planning and new media innovations with the headquarter in Dresden.

The HatColorSoft guaranteesthat Projects delivered by skilled, passionate people, on time, on budget. We provide the highest quality software
development staff and services to our clients. We de-mystify technology to help our clients to understand the value that our solutions can bring to their organisation.


DELIVERY: HatColorSoft has developed proven software development, project management and quality assurance methodologies that ensure
successful client engagement on all projects no matter what the size. Our approach to development projects is based on iterative AGILE best practice processes and methodologies. From the PID (project initiation document) to the final UAT (user acceptance testing), we work closely with you, moving through iterations and milestones to enable you to see the progress of your project at all times.


COMMUNICATION: Our project managers, lead developers and Quality Assurance are based in on three continents to ensure short traveling distances and will work closely with your project owner. Lines of communications are kept open throughout the project and beyond to ensure you are always in driving seat when it comes to updates and delivery.


HOW DO WE ENSURE A SUCCESSFUL ENGAGEMENT? As part of the service, HatColorSoft will set up regular meetings, so you can be part of progress update meetings from the team. As we progress to through each milestone we will initiate a formal approval / signoff process, where you will "accept" the project status according to agreed criteria. By tracking the project closely at regular iterations and milestones we can ensure there are only good surprises and handle any change requests with the minimum of fuss.

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