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  1. Smarts


    Smart Technology

    Cutting edge technology within the living room of your customers. That’s Smart TV. Together with Smart Phones they are the future technology for information integration into your daily living.

  2. Software



    Manufacturing productivity is defined by the efficiency of business processes and the IT Infrastructure. With our custom solutions for production planning and information integration your company stays on the cutting edge of software technology

  3. Webs


    Web Technology

    Successful web and application design is the entry key to efficient sales and distribution. We offer a wide range of design and web technology services for your success.

News Section

Cross Platform Software Developers

The pace technology change and evolution requires a technology company to encourage innovation to be its core value. HatColorSoft delivers vision, to customers with strong leadership and highly quality and scalable solutions that people want to share. We are technology drivers for companies with innovation at its core.

Convergent Media Specialists

At HatColorSoft our teams have worked together for several years to serve you as a unit. Discipline, precision, timely execution as well stylish German engineering quality are only a few qualities our teams offer you. But we don't stop here. Every team consists of a mix of technology gurus, SEO experts, developers, UX (user experience) architects and hardware nerds.

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